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Task Coach can help you organize tasks and resources in a project. It has the main advantage of being much simpler and consequently easier to learn than other similar tools. Moreover, it is incredibly lighter. Yet, this is unfortunately at the expense of available features.

This to-do manager keeps track of tracks, which is its basic objects. Tasks contain such information as description, priority, dates, prerequisites, progress and allotted budget. And when a project becomes too complex, you can always arrange tasks in a hierarchical structure. To help you save some time, the program allows you to start a new task from a template, although there are too few to choose from, in my opinion. However, it is possible to create your own personalized templates or import new ones. Tasks have states that allow tracking their current state, progress and budget availability, including such categories as active, inactive, completed, overdue, due soon, late, over budget, under budget and no budget. I simply loved that the application can automatically calculate effort based on the time spent and the revenues earned. Finally, it is also supported to attach reminders to given tasks, which tell when an action is demanded.

Besides tasks, you can use notes to store information. They have the advantage of not requiring a specific format. In addition, they can be used independently or as part of other objects as tasks and categories.

Task Coach allows sharing files with others in many ways. Thus, it supports exporting in CSV, HTML and iCalendar formats. Likewise, it lets various users or a single user access a file from various computers. In this regard, the application can analyze the actual data in a file to merge your work properly. Unluckily, some synchronization errors can happen when two users save their work within a very small time fraction. Similarly, some protocols, like SMB/CIFS, can fail to detect changes in the source file as well.

All in all, Task Coach is simple, light and open-source. Consequently, there is nothing to lose if you give it a try. It could be exactly what you are looking for.

Pedro Castro
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  • Open source
  • Lightweight
  • Hierarchical organization of tasks
  • File sharing and automatic data merging
  • Various export formats


  • Few task templates
  • Possible errors under certain sharing conditions
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